"take a look around & don't be a stranger"

Hello world. My name is Kevin Khaw or some people affectionately know me as “KK”. Just think it’s OK with KK always.
I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and now live in Adelaide, Australia.
I live to eat, love to travel and adore all the different cultures of people on this planet. The richness in these three factors combined leads to my ethos of “Life is Beautiful”.
Photography to me is not just a job but a documenting of all the treasured moments of one very special day (or days).  Each wedding tells a story. Every photo is laced with a virtual text to these stories. I will look for your laughter, the love in your eyes, and the slightest smile when no one is looking.
Looking forward to laughing, smiling and sharing treasured memories with you all when we get the chance to meet.


A little peek into my personal life? Follow me on my instagram: @kevindekhaw